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ASSOPEP Current Issues in Pension Administration and Retirement Planning Workshop

The Federal Government of Nigeria has embarked on pension reforms in both the public and private sectors of the Nigerian economy. The purpose of the reforms is partly to shed the burden of pension payment liabilities, harmonize pension schemes in both sectors of the economy, ensure viable investment of pension funds and effect prompt payment of pension benefits.

 The reforms have created mixed feelings among Nigerian workers. There was at the outset a strong feeling among a segment of the workforce that they may lose out in the current dispensation of reforms. There is no doubt that the new pension scheme has come to stay. It is necessary to have an informed dialogue on the new pension scheme and its benefits to the workers, the employers and the Nigerian economy.

This is required for appropriate response by Nigerian managers and workers and management of the new pension scheme. These form the rationale for this conference This workshop covers in-depth understanding of pension plans and the different types of plans, the role of major stakeholders from pensioners to investment advisors as well as the impact and implications for these funds, from the global and regional economic downturn. Detailed information is also provided on modern investment strategies and pension management process with special focus on the investment policy statement and asset allocation.

Who should attend? 

Pension Desk Officers and Managers, Human Resource Managers, Pension Fund Custodians and Administrators, Pension Regulatory Agency, Accountants, Auditors, Lawyers, and others who perform related functions in both Public and Private Sectors

Workshop Profile

  • Pension Management
  • Pension Plans
  • Pension Accounting
  • Modern Investment Strategies
  • Pension Fund Management
  • Pension Act
  • Pension Governance
  • Pension Consultants
  • Pension Risk Management
  • Pension Reform Commission