The  Association of Pension Desk Practitioners of Nigeria (ASSOPEP) started its annual conference held in Abuja on November 8, 2016, with the theme “The New Pension Act 2014- The Implementation Hurdles for Nigerian Employees” Since then, the ASSOPEP holds its annual conference in Abuja in November every year.

Therefore.  the Association of Pension Desk Practitioners of Nigeria (ASSOPEP) is born out of the necessity to enlighten and enhance the expertise of pension desk officers on current pension matters and problems affecting the pension sector in Nigeria namely:

  • Many workers are unable to access their pension early enough after retirement.
  •  Some are not able to complete their pension documentation properly thus denying themselves the right to access their Retirement Savings Accounts (RSA)
  •  Non-Remittance of deducted contributed pension to Pension Fund Administrators/Custodians (PFA/PFC) by some employers
  •  Huge Pension arrears by states under the defined pension scheme led to the untimely death of Pensioners.
  •  Fraud and Mismanagement of Pension Fund
  •  Payment to Ghost Pensioners while genuine Pensioners are allowed to suffer and die.
  •  Lack of capacity to deliver by Pension Desk Officers due to poor capacity.
  •  Lack of professionalism among Pension desk staff
  •  Lack of Advocacy in favour of Pensioners

The Association was officially registered on 20th May 2020 RC 146419 by CAC of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The Association (ASSOPEP) will confront these Pension sector challenges by carefully implementing its Objectives:

  1. To ensure that our members' views and those of their savers are heard by decision-makers; we are the voice of our members with government, Parliament, and regulators and we comment publicly on their behalf on key retirement income issues for savers.
  2.  To enhance the expertise of Pension Practitioners/Professionals through continuous training and capacity building.
  3.  To have a forum to enlighten our members and the public on Pension matters
  4.  To train staff in Pensionable work to know their rights and obligations under the Pension law.
  5.  To advocate for early payment of retirees and Pensioners 
  6.  Through advocacy to seek for release of contributed pension funds according to law by state actors.
  7.  Update members on recent developments about programmed withdrawal and Annuity
  8.  Discuss better ways of handling death benefits
  9.  Equip members on the rights and privileges of Retirement Savings Account (RSA) holders
  10.  Enlighten members on management, regulation, and updates on the current pension scheme
  11.  To assist members to  know the nitty-gritty of pension administration
  12.  To assist members to be professional in handling pension matters
  13.  To equip members with working tools for pension management
  14.  To expose members to current trends in pension administration



Providing leadership to enhance the interests and wellbeing of retirees


Our mission is to help everyone achieve a better income in retirement. We work to get more people and money into retirement savings, to get more value out of those savings and to build the confidence and understanding of savers.

Guiding Principles

A volunteer led non-profit organization of current and retired public sector employees, working together to improve the quality of the lives of our members.

Core Values:

  • Integrity – acting with openness and honesty
  • Open communication – all members are encouraged to openly share their opinions and view
  • Unity – working together building relationships to create value for the members
  • Respect – treat members with mutual respect and value their contribution
  • Passion for results – pride, enthusiasm and dedication in everything we do
  • Excellence – dedicated to satisfying member needs and honouring commitments made to them
  • Teamwork – supportive of each other’s efforts to meet our shared goals
  • Accountability – accepting responsibility for one’s actions