Membership Workshop

Membership Workshop

Online Program

Date: Friday,13th October 2023

Venue: Zoom

Time: 10.00 am Prompt.


Physical Program

Date:Tuesday,  10th October 2023

Venue: Precinct Comfort Hotel, 20 Harvey Road. off Herbert Macaulay, Yaba, Lagos

Time: 1.00 pm Prompt.


The Association of Pension Desk Practitioners of Nigeria (ASSOPEP) started on November 8, 2016.


ASSOPEP help its members and their clients to solve serious problems affecting the # 14 Trillion naira pension sector in Nigeria; such as :

✅ Inability to access pension funds early enough after retirement

✅ non-Remittance of deducted pension contribution into a retirement savings account

✅ Huge Pension arrears by states under the defined pension scheme leading to the untimely death of Pensioners

✅ Huge fraud and mismanagement of pension fund

✅ And many more…


What You'll Benefit from:

✅ You’ll get a membership certificate

✅ You’ll join the #14 Trillion naira assets-based Pension Industry

✅ Powerful opportunity for personal and professional career growth

✅ Access to 500 profitable business opportunities for pre- and post-retirement

✅ Business networking opportunity with top professionals in the industry

✅ You will also get 10 free e-books valued at $1,097 selected from our over 2,500 e-books library

✅ Become a Pension Consultant

✅ And lots more...


Who Should Attend?

- Pension Administrators

- Pension Desk Practitioners

- Human Resource Professionals

- Auditors

- Financial Analysts, etc.

This direct membership training is based on qualification and work experience for working professionals in Pension administration, Human resources, Audit, the financial sector or related areas.


Membership Criteria


1. Associate Member (APP):

Applicant must have completed a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an accredited college or university.

Applicants without degrees may substitute or augment their formal education with practical service-based education. This practical education requires any two-year combination of:

- Formal college education.

- Registration with Pension Funds Administrators.

- Working experience in a Pensionable Organization.

- Workshop - Attend Onsite or Online Course and Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the pension profession, and general proficiency in handling pension and retirement matters.

- Written Test or

- Personal Interview

- Ethical Oath


2. Full Member (MPP):

- Higher Degrees, Associate member of ASSOPEP or Membership of other related professional body

- A working experience in a senior or management position for at least 7 years


3. Fellow Member (FPP)

- Business experience in a senior or management position for at least 15 years

- A remarkable contribution made in the promotion of Pension in the industry and nation at large


Membership Participation Fee:

Associates (APP): N102,000

Member (MPP): N124,000

Fellow (FPP): N146,000


The steps required are as follows:

To be part of ASSOPEP and the over 14 Trillion naira Pension Fund Industry, you are required to take the following action:


1.    Send your Professional Profile to;

2.    Download your preferred Membership Application Form, fill and return it:

Associates (APP) -

Members (MPP) -

Fellows (FPP) -

3. Upon confirmation of your profile for the membership grade, you are required to pay your membership participation fee based on your level (APP, MPP or FPP) into:



Bank Name: First Bank

Account Number: 2036406850





Bank Name: Guarantee Trust Bank

Account Number: 0648746334


You can also pay via our online payment gateway using your card. 

APP - 102,000

MPP - 124,000 - 

FPP - N146,000 -


Kindly send your evidence of payment and full name to  or WhatsApp Nelson - 08035878800


On confirmation of your payment, you will receive your Training Materials and the feedback questions through your email.


You are required to study the materials and respond to the questions before the date of the workshop.


Send your answers to the Registrar through


A Committee at the ASSOPEP Headquarters will vet the answers on the next day your work is received. The committee will interact with you on the workshop date.


Upon successful completion of the training, you will be invited to the Induction Ceremony where Membership Certificates shall be presented.


Your Certificate and other training kits can also be couriered to you after your induction for online participants.



If you need any clarification on any matter mentioned in this invitation, you may call Temi at +2347088135739 or Nelson at +2348035878800.


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The Association of Pension Desk Practitioners of Nigeria started on November 8, 2016 with its annual conference held in Abuja with theme The New Pension Act 2014- The Implementation Hurdles for Nigerian Employees. Since then the ASSOPEP holds its annual conference in Abuja in November every year.
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