Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any concerns, please read this collection of frequently asked questions before contacting us. If you are still unclear about something, feel free to contact.


Who is eligible for the Training Courses?

Most of our participants come from Public and Private Sector, Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs). We also welcome anyone who is interested in personal development.
We select participants without regard for gender, marital status, race, ethnic origin, colour, religion, sexual orientation, disability, social background, or any other irrelevant distinction.

Are All Training Courses held that are published in your websites or Catalogue?

The decision as to whether the training is to be held or not is made not later than one week prior to the start of the training based on (minimum number of participants). If the training is cancelled, registered participants will be notified in writing. The training course will be rescheduled, if possible.

Which Requirements and Prior Knowledge Do I Need to Participate in Your Training Course?

The training descriptions contain the prerequisites for the participation in the training (e.g. completion of basic training or eLearning courses). Some of this knowledge can also be obtained through practical workplace experience. An understanding of technical concepts is usually sufficient to attend basic training courses.

Do you offer Online Courses?

We offer in-person training and online training for few programs.  We’ve found that having attendees in the room with the trainer is the best experience for everyone – attendees can easily interact with their trainer, and the trainer can give attendees real one-on-one help as needed to transform and grow their organisations. In-person training is especially beneficial in our workshop courses which require more attention to detail and work with the trainer.

Arrangements can also be made to have online trainings for courses that are basically in-house.

What qualifications do the trainers have to teach these classes?

Each of our trainers are required to have both higher academic and professional qualifications in the area they work as consultants. Each class is taught by someone who works day-to-day in the interface and is familiar with the real-world goals and issues associated with the course.
Our team loves coaching and staff development so much. You can even catch them during and after class to talk one-on-one about your personal projects and organisational growth challenges.


Will I receive a certification after completing this course?

You will receive a certificate from ASSOPEP for completing each course. Individuals can optionally take professional qualification exam as well as various academic certifications exams. These exams are not part of our training, though past students have found our courses very helpful in learning the material necessary to easily pass their exams.

In Which Language Are the Training Courses Held?

The language in which the respective training course is offered is English.  If you are interested in any training in a language other than English? Please contact us.

What Is the Maximum Number of Participants for The Training Courses?

The maximum number of participants for practical training sessions depends on the number of workstations on our training system. In order to ensure successful learning, working takes place in small groups (approx. five persons). For theoretical training courses, the maximum number of participants is limited to the number of seats in the training rooms.

What Do I Have to Bring for The Training?

In the training description, you can see whether your training is a practical training. If you are required to bring laptop it will be stated in the training description. Writing materials and training documents are provided at the venue.

Are Food and Drinks Provided During the Training?

During the training, you get water, tea, snacks and lunch free


How Do I Know at Which Date a Training Course Is Held?

The training dates in this website have been fixed for one calendar year. If due to high demand, additional training courses are offered during the year, this will be indicated online at Courses

If you are interested in dates for individual/in-house training courses, please contact us on WhatsApp +234 7088135739 or info@assopep.org


Our training sessions are offered at different locations in London, Ghana, Nigeria and Dubai. For more detailed information on our training locations, please refer to the information online at Course Category

Where Are the Courses Held?

When you book your place on a course you will be informed of the course venue as well as how to get there.


Do The Contents of Identical Training Sessions at Different Locations Differ?

The location does not influence the contents of the training. If one training course (e.g. Pension Administration and Retirement Training) is offered at different locations, there are no differences regarding the contents as compared to the identical training at another location.


Where Can I Park My Car During the Training?

Parking is free at our training locations.


How Do I Register for A Training?

In writing: Online, using the registration form or by email to info@assopep.org


How Do I Know Whether I Am Registered for A Training Course?

You will receive confirmation of your course registration by email. However, your attendance and confirmation of participation is only by part or full payment of the course fees.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you wish to cancel your place on a course, we will refund the fee according to the number of weeks before the course that you notify us of this. To cancel your place on the course we require written notification.

  • More than 4 weeks: 100% refund
  • Between 3 to 4 weeks: 80% refund
  • Between 2 to 3 weeks: 70% refund
  • Less than 2 weeks or not attending the course: 50% refund

Association of Pension Desk Practitioners of Nigeria reserves the right to cancel or postpone a course up to one week before the course in the unlikely event that it is undersubscribed. In these cases, participants will be offered alternative dates, a credit note or a full refund. Please do take this into account if you are booking flights.

In the unlikely event a course has to be cancelled within one week of the course start date by reason of force majeure, (war, civil unrest, fire, flood, action by any government, or any event beyond the reasonable control of Association of Pension Desk Practitioners of Nigeria) we shall promptly notify participants and seek alternative solutions. In the event of the course being terminated by reason of force majeure, Association of Pension Desk Practitioners of Nigeria is unable to reimburse any participant expenses relating to a cancellation. Such expenses may include, but not be limited to: visa costs, transport cancellation fees.



Will Training Documents Be Provided?

Appropriate training documents will be provided for all training courses. For face-to-face training courses, the training documents will be provided in electronic form. This will include jotters and pens.



How Much Does a Training Course Cost?

For the training fee, please refer to the training description for each course in the website or catalogue. The training fee comprises extensive training e-books, documents, auxiliary material as well as snacks and lunch. We will send the invoice to your organisation if you request. Please inform us of a different invoice address if you need one.


Can I request an invoice to my company's name?

Certainly! Please contact info@assopep.org and we will send an invoice in your company's name.


What is included in the course fees?

The course fee covers tuition fee, course materials, refreshments and lunches during course days and study visits when applicable. For foreign delegates, ASSOPEP offers complimentary tours and excursions.

Please note that the training fees do not include travel arrangements and Association of Pension Desk Practitioners of Nigeria cannot provide assistance with specific individual travel arrangements. We are also unable to arrange your accommodation except you specifically request and make deposit for accommodation at least 2 weeks prior to the course. We will happily share hotel details with you so you can organise it yourself if you request.


What payment forms and methods do you accept?

Bank Transfer, Our Website accepts all Major Credit and debit cards. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Verve Card, and International Debit


Does ASSOPEP provide discounts or scholarships?

If you have attended any ASSOPEP course within the past 2 years, you are eligible for a 20% discount on your next booking. Don't forget to mention it on your registration form.
If there are a number of people from your organisation wanting to book a place on the same or different courses, please get in touch with us to discuss organisational discounts.


What is your transfer policy?

We can transfer any registration to another date/location or to a colleague.
There is never a fee to transfer the registration to a colleague for the same date/location.
All transfer requests must be made before the course begins. Once the course begins transfer requests cannot be honoured.


Can I get a refund if I'm sick or can't make it to the training due to work?

We certainly understand that unexpected circumstances may prevent attendees from making their scheduled class, but we do not issue refunds if it is less than two weeks from the start of training. We will work with you to reschedule your course for another date.


Can I send a colleague in my place if I can't make it to training?

Yes, you can send a colleague in your place at no cost if you are unable to make it to training. Please give our office a call or email info@assopep.org to let us know of the change so the trainer is aware!


Can I get a refund if I can't make it to the transferred training date?

After transferring your registration to a colleague, we cannot offer a refund even if it is two weeks prior to the training date. You could send another colleague in your place at no cost, or pay the $50 transfer fee for another date/location.


If I can't make it to training can I exchange my registration price for consulting hours?

While we do offer consulting services, our training tickets are kept separate from consultant hours and cannot be exchanged.


What happens if there is inclement weather the week of my training?

Trainings are very rarely cancelled, and usually only when the host city deems travel unsafe or prohibits public transportation. We will keep watch over evolving weather conditions and notify attendees should the class be delayed or cancelled. In the event of a cancelled class, we will work to place everyone in makeup training, the next training date in that city, or at the location of their choice.
Individuals with weather-related incidents will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


Is there a chance that ASSOPEP will cancel my training for non-weather related reasons?

Cancelling courses is very rare, but will only be done in the best interest of all parties. We reserve the right to cancel training up to 10 days before the first scheduled training date. In the event that we must cancel a class, all attendees will be offered the opportunity to transfer their courses to another date/location or a full refund of their courses without penalty.




Do I Have to Book the Hotel at The Training Location Myself?

As a training participant or registering party, you are responsible for booking the accommodation. Various overnight accommodation options are available at the training locations. Once you request, we can send you some options


Do The Hotels Offer a Special Rate for Training Participants?

The training participants have to pay the regular price for overnight stays if no reservation is made and paid for prior to the training date in the specified hotels.


What support is offered for visa applications?

It is advisable for you to plan well in advance if you require a visa to avoid unnecessary delays and costs. ASSOPEP is happy to provide a letter in support of a visa application. However, this is only possible on receipt of full payment of the training course fees and a scanned copy of the participant's passport photo page and any other relevant pages. This letter will be emailed to the participant. We strongly advise you to check your specific country requirements at your local Embassy. Please note we are not in a position to provide country-specific visa advice.


What happens if a visa application is unsuccessful?

We understand that there are often difficulties in obtaining a visa which are outside a participant's control. If a participant is forced to cancel his or her place on the course due to problems obtaining a visa, ASSOPEP will refund the fee according to the number of weeks before the course upon receipt of the rejection letter of the Embassy. Please start your visa application in time to obtain 100% refund when your application is unsuccessful.

  • More than two weeks before the course start date: 100% refund
  • Less than 2 weeks before the course start date: 50% refund
  • No show at the course: No refund


What time does the course start?

Courses usually start at 9am and finish at 4pm. On the first day of the course, there is an opening session that starts at 10.00am and Registration. On the last day, our courses finish earlier as agreed on the second day.


What support is available after the training?

Individuals can receive one-to-one support from the trainer after the course, ASSOPEP can also provide further custom-designed training or consultancy support if you or your organisation need further assistance. Please contact us with any questions.


Is the course or Association of Pension Desk Practitioners of Nigeria accredited? Will I get a certificate?

ASSOPEP is accredited as a training provider by the Institute of Management Consultants and Nigerian Institute of Training and Development. This means that ASSOPEP is an accredited training provider. You will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the course (provided you attend the whole course).


Does ASSOPEP provide training in languages other than English?

Yes. Association of Pension Desk Practitioners of Nigeria offers open training courses in French on special request.
Custom-designed training courses can also be provided in a variety of languages including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Arabic.


Does ASSOPEP have a disability policy?

Yes – please get in touch with us if you would like further information.


Are there accommodations for people with food allergies?

Yes, we can work with you to accommodate special food needs for meals. Please send information about your dietary restrictions during registration or email info@assopep.org with specific concerns.


Is there a dress code?

We do not have a dress code for training, but most people prefer business casual.


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