Discover the benefits of joining the Association of Pension Desk Practitioners of Nigeria - it's a valuable opportunity for various stakeholders in the pension sector! "The Association of Pension Desk Practitioners is dedicated to promoting training, education, and professional development among pension sector professionals. With a strong emphasis on pre-retirement planning and entrepreneurship, we offer comprehensive programs and memberships, empowering individuals to excel in their careers and successfully navigate the complexities of retirement planning and business ventures."



At the core of our mission is advocacy and prioritizing the welfare of our members. Through active collaboration with our stakeholders, we unite to elevate standards, exchange best practices, and foster a supportive community amongst our members. Our concerted efforts aim to create sustainable policies and self-regulations that lead to improved retirement income for all. By championing these initiatives, we strive to ensure a better future for our members and the broader society.



We ensure our members' views are heard by decision-makers; we are the voice of our members with government, Parliament and regulators and we comment publicly on their behalf on key retirement income issues that affect them.


Membership Benefit

  1.  A unique opportunity for self-development: understanding of the main drivers of post-retirement financial freedom.
  2. After being formally admitted to the institute, you can then use the post-nominal title ‘APP’, ‘MPP’ or ‘FPP’ as applicable to you.
  3. You will get the right prescription designed just for your blissful post-retirement enjoyment.
  4. The Satisfaction of helping a good cause: Bringing Pension Solution to all
  5. Networking Opportunities: ASSOPEP members can network among themselves as well as with policymakers in the Pension Sector.
  6. Flexible learning through onsite and online learning
  7. Learn about Pensions Management, Pensions Monitoring, Personal Finance, Retirement Planning and How to Grow your Investments
  8. Our Certification programs- bring actionable and pension education to your doorstep
  9. Complete your online certification workshop within a short time
  10. Affordable and growth-oriented professional certification
  11. Flexible study option- perfect for working professionals
  12. Work experience counts-entry route without undergraduate degree available
  13. Join the global alumni network
  14. Build connections with peers and business leaders
  15. You will also get 10 free e-books valued at $1,097 selected from our over 2,500 e-books library
  16. You will receive your membership certificate
  17. You will have a free three months consultation with our Pension experts to ensure your pension issues are resolved easily.
  18. Direct involvement with a growing body of pension practitioners.
  19. Access to Information and services: ASSOPEP headquarters office and full-time staff serve as a clearinghouse of information on best Investment strategies and techniques.
  20. Networking amongst business leaders and government


Membership Criteria


Associates (APP)

Applicants for Associates must be Individual Members of the Association and must comply with the requirements described below:

1. Educational Achievement

Proof of sufficient formal or practical education, both in quantity and quality.

2. Formal Education – A bachelor's degree or equivalent from an accredited college or university.


3. Practical Education – Applicants without degrees may substitute or augment their formal education with practical education derived from service. This practical education requires any two-year combination of:

  1. Formal college education.
  2. Registration with Pension Funds Administrators.
  3. Working experience in a Pensionable Organisation.
  4. Workshop - Attend Onsite or Online Course and Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the pension profession, and general proficiency in handling pension and retirement matters.
  5. Written Test – A written test must be taken under the auspices of the ASSOPEP. This test consists of a series of questions, all of which must be answered.
  6. Personal Interview - Each candidate must be interviewed by a fellow of the ASSOPEP who will examine the candidate's knowledge and understanding of the profession as well as their willingness to accept the responsibility of certification.
  7. Ethical Oath - An assurance from the applicant that the ASSOPEP Code of Ethics will guide performance in the future and that they are prepared to conform to all covenants. This oath will be recorded in the form of a signed pledge. 

Member (MPP)

Applicants for Full Member must be Individual Member who has to meet the requirements of being an Associate Also must comply with the additional requirements described below:

1. Higher Degrees, APP or Membership of other professional body 

2. A working experience in a senior or management position for at least 7 years

Fellow Member (FPP)

Applicants for Fellow must be Individual Members who have to meet the requirements of being a full member. Besides, must comply with the requirements described below:

1. Business experience in a senior or management position for at least 15 years

2. A remarkable contribution made in the promotion of Pension in the industry and nation at large,


Membership Fee Schedule

  1. 1. Membership Fee:
    1. $155.00 (USD) or N102,000 for the APP designation.
    2. $180.00 (USD) or N124,000 for the MPP designation.  
    3. $205.00 (USD) or N146,000 for the FPP designation.


The above amount will be paid by the individual. This may be reimbursable or not, and is dependent upon the applicants' employer.

2. Maintenance Fee: For an individual designation to be continued yearly, he/she must remain an individual member, either as an employee of a Member Firm or as an Individual Member. Currently, Individual Maintenance fees are $15.00 or N5,000 per annum for the APP designation, $30.00 (USD) or N10,000 for the MPP  designation and $40.00 (USD) or N15,000 for the FPP designation.


Kindly download your preferred form below, fill and send it to once you have submitted your application with your professional profile/CV,  you will be able to pay for this membership when the membership committee has approved that you are eligible for membership.


We have a limited number that can be approved for the course.


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The Association of Pension Desk Practitioners of Nigeria started on November 8, 2016 with its annual conference held in Abuja with theme The New Pension Act 2014- The Implementation Hurdles for Nigerian Employees. Since then the ASSOPEP holds its annual conference in Abuja in November every year.
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