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ASSOPEP 3-Day National Training On Innovations in Pension Technology: Shaping the Future of Pension Administration

Course Overview:

The "Innovations in Pension Technology: Shaping the Future of Pension Administration" course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the technological advancements shaping the field of pension administration.

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, this course aims to explore innovative solutions, tools, and strategies that can enhance the efficiency, security, and overall effectiveness of pension management.

Participants will gain insights into cutting-edge technologies, best practices, and emerging trends in pension technology, equipping them with the knowledge needed to navigate and lead in the dynamic landscape of pension administration.


Course Objectives:

By the end of the course, participants will:


  1. Understand the significance of technological innovations in the context of pension administration.
  2. Gain insights into the latest trends, tools, and digital solutions influencing pension management.
  3. Explore strategies to enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and security of pension administration processes.
  4. Acquire knowledge of the potential challenges and opportunities associated with implementing pension technology.
  5. Develop the skills needed to evaluate, select, and implement appropriate technological solutions for pension administration.
  6. Build a forward-thinking mindset to adapt and capitalize on future developments in pension technology.


Course Outline:


Module 1: Introduction to Innovations in Pension Technology

  • Overview of the current state of pension administration
  • Significance of technology in transforming pension management
  • Key drivers of innovation in the pension sector


Module 2: Procedures for Online Enrolment- Retiree Self-Registration

  • Retiree Enrolment Portal
  • Retiree Registration Module
  • Pension Fund Registration Module
  • Ministry Department Agency MDA Module


Module 3: PTAD and Online Pensioners’ Verification Innovations

  • Steps for the “I Am Alive” Confirmation
  • Facial Confirmation
  • Fingerprint Confirmation


Module 4: Technological Trends in Pension Administration

  • Cloud computing and its impact on pension systems
  • Technology for secure and transparent pension transactions
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)  in pension decision-making


Module 5: Tools and Solutions for Efficient Pension Management

  • Digital platforms for member communication and engagement
  •  Process Automation (PA) in streamlining administrative processes
  • Data analytics for informed decision-making in pension administration


Module 6: Strategic Decision-Making in Pension Technology

  • Evaluating and selecting suitable technological solutions
  • Planning and implementing technology-driven changes in pension systems
  • Future trends and developments in pension technology.


Download Conference Flyer  https://assopep.org/file/PENSION-ANNUAL-WORKSHOP-FLYER-2024.pdf


Download Special Invitation Letter  https://assopep.org/file/SPECIAL-INVITE-TO-ANNUAL-PENSION-WORKSHOP-2024.docx